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Audition your choices
We have two comfortable domestic listening rooms where you can listen to any of our audio or home cinema components or systems. Here you can freely discuss your aspirations, audition your choices and listen without external distractions in a friendly relaxed environment. The best way to compare performance or set out building your dream system by discovering which equipment meets your specific needs.
You are most welcome to take advantage of our listening rooms any time you may visit if a room is available but as this service is popular we would recommend you contact us to reserve a time slot which will also give us the opportunity to set up your choice of equipment ready for your visit.. Although we have a huge collection of both classical and popular music to choose from why not bring some of your own music or movies to give you that basic comparison.
Part Exchange
We offer a part exchange service so as you can use the value of your old system against your new purchase. We will part exchange items that are made by a manufacturer we represent and that are of a merchantable quality
Setup & Installation
Our installation service will ensure you gain maximum performance and pleasure from your purchase. We can install at times convenient to you either as a single installation or if more rooms or equipment types are included, in stages starting with your main system then adding other locations when you are ready. If you are refurbishing your home we are happy to plan and work with your builders to simplify the process.

After sales

We are committed to providing you with performance and value over time, with a system that can be updated extended or upgraded. Once your system is commissioned and working to your satisfaction you will naturally want to ensure it stays that way. We provide product lifetime technical support; call out service (when installed) and a personal contact who in most cases is the man who has taken care of you from the beginning, so you will know him and he will know your system

We are able to help you if you have a component that appears to be either faulty or just doesn't act like it should. If the product is made by a manufacturer that we stock then just drop it in and we will take care of the rest. Just give us a call or pop in for a consultation.

If you are one of the many Linn LP12 owners who still treasure your record collection, you would be surprised just how much better a regularly serviced turntable can sound. We will happily give your LP12 a thorough health check and service, taking a look at all moving parts and electronics and adjusting or replacing them to meet our high performance standards. The LP12 can also be improved with a number of modular upgrades, taking your pretty good turntable and turning it into a 'wow, that really is great' listening experience.  You can also arrange a one on one consultation with Ian Ridge, to see how we can make a difference to your deck.

Finance Options

We have various ways you can finance your desired product or dream system. The one thing they have in common is that all are ‘no interest’ bearing loans unless you want them to be – meaning the deferred period is extended to 4 years to spread the cost with interest added. As a convenient way to purchase the item or system you really want they are brilliant and we have no interest in charging you to get the best.

Deferred Credit - or Buy-now-pay-later scheme which offers three fixed terms of 6, 9 or 12 month periods. This scheme gains its popularity via its flexibility, no deposit, and payback methods. If you pay the balance within the agreed period the only cost to you is the set up fee. Please call or email for further details.
Interest Free Credit - or 0% APR has also been a popular choice since its introduction in 1982 and the attraction of this scheme is the fixed monthly payments which we offer over a 12 or 18 month period. This scheme requires a 30% deposit and is only offered on purchases over £1500 to shop visitors.
Any finance offered is subject to the terms and conditions of Novuna Finance for whom we act as credit brokers.

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