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The Characters that live at Billy Vee

OK. So this is where you get to get the drop on us when you visit. This page tells you a bit about our people and shows you what we look like. It also gets you special treatment if you tell Mike how shiny his golden ears look today.

Ian Anderson
All of the Monkeys aren't in the zoo... Gorilla chief - Ian Anderson
Hooked on music from a very early age - totally addicted from about 15 and still is. Worked as a Telecom technician from 18 - 30 then became a dealer to satisfy the craving. Has run Billy Vee since 1976. As a music couch potato has more than a passing interest in sports cars, computers (listen while u work) and women who have an interest in music and couches. Naturally - a great JJ Cale fan. Likes - Performance anything, Thai food, Sun, Thinking. Dislikes - Grapefruit.

Ian Ridge
Our sales advisor Active Demonstrator and Installer
A born enthusiast and an enthusiast he was born. Watch out for Ian he wants you to have the best. If you like it as it is direct and straight up Ian is your man. His opinions count because he will prove them to you. A tireless worker, he will ensure you are happy with the results. Ian spent his youth running a Technical department at a local Polytechnic school. He spent his spare time getting a brilliant sound from his Hi-Fi. Now he wants to do that for you. Likes - music, photography. Dislikes - Fish.

Paul Cruttenden
Our other active sales advisor demonstrator and installer
Paul is passionate about music and any sound system able to communicate a high level of musical involvement and emotion. Paul originally came to us from DJ-ing and managing a local night spot, after a 6 year gap of working around our industry Paul has come home bringing his love of music back with him. Not only is that great news for our customers but we get to borrow his CD's. Likes Rock music, muscle cars, U.S.A. & nice clothes. Dislikes confined spaces & mess.

Mike Olrod
Mike (Slimline) Olrod is our Ian Botham. He is a great all rounder and has what is known as golden ears! If you want somebody to improve the sound of your Hi-Fi, Mike's your man. Truly laid back, if you like a salesperson who will patiently show you the best possible sound quality without baffling you with technical jargon - you will like Mike. Keywords, `No Problem' Mike managed a local Hi-Fi shop and bought his Hi-Fi from us, now the rest is history. Mike takes care of Sales, Setups, Repairs, Service, Dispatch, Goods inwards, Goods outwards, Customer service. Likes - The Superb Naim & Arcam DACs, the Naim HDX, Naim Supernait, B&W 805D speakers and the Sonos multiroom streaming solutions. Dislikes - Anything that's over complicated like writing his own reviews.

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