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New Linn Lingo 4 and Urika 2


Unmatched over four decades, the LP12 is still the pinnacle of record player design. A revolutionary icon that’s still evolving, Linn launch the all new Urika 2 Phono Stage and the Lingo 4 power supply


Urika II


A breakthrough in phono stage design


Using Linns cutting-edge digital signal processing technology, Urika II now carries out the key process of implementing the RIAA curve in the digital domain. This brings you lower distortion, lower noise and more music.

Transported over Exakt Link, the musical information that Urika II delivers is perfectly preserved until the moment it reaches your ears, delivering a musical experience like never before.

That’s not all. Linn take the same approach with Urika II that they do with our Exakt-enabled loudspeakers. This means the company can optimise each and every individual device, correcting the variations inherent in the analogue stage to ensure outstanding performance every time.

Urika II can be optimised to work with your preferred cartridge load values. Simply choose from our list of popular cartridges or enter your own. You can even optimise Urika II for your most comfortable armchair, and easily change when you next upgrade your cartridge.

Urika II is powered by our extraordinary Radikal power supply and is mounted on the integrated Trampolin base board within the plinth of your Sondek LP12 to maintain phono stage isolation and improve deck suspension.

The perfect upgrade for Urika, Linn have tested Urika II in incredible detail to measure the difference it makes, and most importantly of all they used their ears to listen.




Lingo 4


Linns new Lingo is neater. Smaller. Smarter.

Lingo has received a major upgrade to deliver even better sound from your vinyl, thanks to the addition of ground-breaking technology derived from the extraordinary Radikal power supply.

New Lingo incorporates a motor speed management system and uses digital processing technology to make the platter spin more accurately and more consistently. What’s more, it auto-calibrates the motor when the Sondek LP12 is powered on to ensure this accuracy and consistency every time. That’s crucial for music, of course: even the slightest speed variation affects the pitch, and a turntable that isn’t accurate is like a musical instrument that hasn’t been tuned properly.

With on-board circuitry that fits inside the deck and a new external slimline power supply which can be easily concealed, the new model is neater, more compact and cleverer than ever.

The source of the audio source, Lingo is the first improvement to make to your LP12, providing a clear upgrade from the internal Majik power supply and previous Lingo models.


Fluted Plinth


To celebrate 45 years of the Sondek LP12 revolution,
Linn have reintroduced the fluted plinth as a strictly
limited edition available to those purchasing a new Lingo or Urika II.
The striking design harks back to the very first Sondek LP12, comes in all standard finishes and is the ideal aesthetic upgrade to accompany your new performance upgrade.

Upgrade plinth retro-fittable to any Sondek LP12

High quality precision-engineered solid wood plinth

Pictured here in Walnut. Also available in Oak, Rosenut, Cherry and Black Ash.



You can read more about the new Urika here and the new Lingo 4 here

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