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Linn Klimax DSM 2021

Linn Klimax DSM with Organik DAC

Evolution and Innovation combined




Designed without compromise

and manufactured entirely in-house, the homegrown all-Linn ‘Organik’ DAC is the beating heart of the new Klimax DSM.

This new Klimax DSM, with the revolutionary Organik DAC, combined with higher performance 24-bit 384khz streaming and DSD256 audio format support, will give all streaming and connected digital, analogue and wireless sound sources a new lease of life.

Organik combines FPGA processing with a discrete conversion stage, relentlessly optimised to work perfectly together as a system, enabling Linn to precisely control and optimise every stage of the digital to analogue conversion process for the first time.

Connected analogue sources will also enjoy an extra 
benefit thanks to a brand new higher performance, lower distortion ADC design which has its own circuit board with dedicated power supply, whilst Exakt Link ports enable direct connection of an LP12 with Urika II.

A USB input enables direct connection to a computer for the ultimate performance stand-alone DAC.

Built-in wireless connectivity enables convenient connection of sources via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Movie and gaming fans should opt for the AV variant which offers additional HDMI inputs, again using Organik DAC to enhance the performance of all connected AV sources. This variant also provides eARC for Smart TV support.



How the Organik DAC works.

The new all-Linn DAC is the culmination of over three decades of expertise in cutting-edge design for both digital and analogue design. This has given Linn a unique skill set in optimising circuit board layout, specialising in high speed digital electronics essential for the creation of the Organik DAC

With Organik DAC technology, Linn handles every element of every stage of the digital to analogue conversion process using a combination of FPGA processing and a discrete conversion stage, designed to work together in perfect harmony

Organik offers significantly lower noise and distortion, measuring better than anything Linn have achieved before. It expertly performs the digital to analogue conversion to achieve the most accurate re-creation of the original music signal.

Custom-designed algorithms provide increased upsampling, more precise volume control, and distortion-free modulation. Its partnering discrete conversion stage renders the analogue signal with extremely low levels of distortion thanks to a new ultra-low jitter oscillator and carefully designed clock distribution network. These are cleverly combined within a unique double-sided design, which reduces signal paths to an absolute minimum. Working together they are relentlessly optimised in every way to expertly perform the digital to analogue conversion, revealing even more of the tiny details that provide a closer emotional connection with the music.


No holds barred

Klimax DSM is not only beautiful to look at from the outside. Inside, every aspect of the enclosure plays a crucial role in preserving the original musical detail.

The sheer mass of the product, coupled with internal damping, isolates the product from vibrations in the room and precision-cut pockets and partitions separate the analogue, digital and digital power stages, fully protecting the electronics from any interference within the product.

This extreme isolation perfectly preserves the delicate signal and cradles the beating heart of Klimax DSM and its most critical component the Organik DAC

Machined from solid, special grade aluminium, the striking design takes on a fresh new family look whilst retaining the distinguished and much-loved Klimax signature.


A New Standard of Musical performance, Linn Klimax DSM 2021 is now on demonstration. Come and listen for yourself if you dare!




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