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Innuos Zen Music Servers. Bringing Digital Music to New Heights


Innuos was founded in 2009 in the United Kingdom with the vision that you don’t need to sacrifice sound quality nor be a technology wizard to enjoy the convenience of Digital Music at your fingertips. With their Zen Mark 2 range of servers this vision has been achieved through the combination of three core principles:


Innuos multi-disciplinary team combines expertise in Computer Hardware, Audio Hardware, Networking and Software Engineering to create their products end-to-end.


By working closely together with end users and partners alike, Innuos really understand what different customers require in a music solution. This has been driving their research and development since day one.


Digital Audio is a fast-evolving area, with new products being constantly introduced in the market. Instead of designing closed solutions, Innuos build their products to be open, allowing integration with the most popular Hi-Fi and Multi-room products in the market.

The Innuos Zen Mark 2 Range - Your entire music collection on a single, sleek box, ready for playback in any room, any time . Imagine all your CDs available at the press of a button, providing a constantly changing soundtrack for your life.

And with the Zen Range there is no need for discs. No computer required for ripping or file conversion. No waiting for tunes to transfer to your network hard drive. No need to dedicate hours to setting everything up. In fact, no excuse for neglecting your CD collection any longer. The Zen Range is so quiet (having absolutely no fans) that you can place it confidently in your living room where it will quietly stream your music away.


Music storage and management made easy. Just insert a CD and the Zen Music Servers will obtain album cover and track names automatically. Our new intuitive interface makes transferring your existing library a simple step by step process with your tablet or smartphone.


Browse your library, edit track names, change the album cover or classify albums by genre - all on your tablet or smartphone using a very intuitive interface. All without a computer!


Compatible with Multi-room Wireless systems, UPnP Music streamers and HiFi systems, you can easily play your music all around your home, anytime you like.


Meet the Zen Range



Zen Mini Mark 2 from £699

Designed for music lovers who mostly want to enjoy music on Multi-room and entry-level Hi-Fi systems. Want multi-room audio with your Sonos system? Check. Want to stream high-resolution audio via UPnP to your Naim or Linn Music Streamer? Check. Want to use the Zen Mini Mark 2 as a music player connecting to an USB DAC and your Hi-Fi? Check. All three at the same time? No problem. The Zen Mini Mark 2 is vastly more powerful than most NAS devices on the market, so no matter how large your music library is, the Zen Mini Mark 2 will provide a great user experience.



Zen Mark 2 from £1499

Ideal for Hi-Fi enthusiasts with large music libraries, looking for improved sound stage and rhythm. The Zen Mark 2s hardware was designed to minimise power noise, which highly influences sound quality, it has on board a Linear power supply with ultra-low noise regulators, high-end capacitors and an Ultra-low noise USB output, with up to 10Xs less power noise than typical USB outputs. It also has a dedicated isolated ethernet port with optimised settings to produce less noise during packet communications, improving sound quality for streamers compared to a direct router connection and a medical grade mains filter
Its Quad-core Intel CPU and 4GB RAM based architecture enables fast performance with large libraries and the ability to play from memory, which substantially improves sound quality.
As your passion for music grows you might want to upgrade your hi-fi system. The Zen Mk.II is fully prepared for that as it is factory upgradable to a Zenith, allowing you to take your music to new heights.



Zenith Mark 2 from £2299

The flagship model, designed for Audiophiles who want to extract all the detail and dynamics out of their music on high end hi-fi systems. The Zenith combines features not seen before in a music server. The Zenith takes the Zen’s ability to reduce power noise to the next level by offering an innovative Triple-Linear design, which provides separate power to different parts of the system and SSD storage, which also plays an important role in reducing power as well as mechanical noise. Additionally, like the Zen Mk.II, it also has a ultra-low noise USB output as well as a Dedicated Isolated Ethernet port for streamers and a Medical Mains Filter. Its Quad-core Intel CPU and 8GB RAM based architecture enables fast performance with large libraries and the ability to play from memory, which substantially improves sound quality


Innuos Zen Music Servers now on demonstration. Call 020 8318 5755 or email if you would like to explore the Innuos possibilties

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